Project and Cascading Cost

  • 30 September 2023
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We are currently using IFS 10/UPD 18.


We currently have all parts setup as average cost/cost per part. 


We also use the project system for shop order processing.


Our issue is that due to IFS cascading cost revaluation entries, projects we have closed completely, from the project itself to the financial project, are being created. These are due to average costing changes. We understand the cause.


The problem is that outside of the fact we do not want a project to be touched after it is closed, these same transactions become posting errors because the project is closed. The only way to get them to post is to open up the financial project, open up the project and open up the activity. 


Outside of turning on lot/batch control/changing the project after it is completed, to non-capitalization, does anyone have a superior solution?





1 reply

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@rsczerowski we are on the same Apps10 upd 18 as you and have the same issue. Did you get any feedback from IFS? We have a customization that reopens projects, processes these transactions and then closes the projects which is not ideal, and we would like to not have these transactions created in the first place.


How are you handling this in your environment.