INC0451258-Project Forecast, B&F Actuals must not be recalculated based on B&F rate.

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Within the business of one of our customers, it is common to agree with the customer to send invoices in an currency other than the accounting currency. As example, Hong Kong office has as accounting currency HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) while the contract to invoice is in CNY (Chinese renminbi). Employees from Hong Kong will report their time and cost in the accounting currency and then there are also subcontractors involved which send their invoices in EUR (Euro) and USD (US Dollar).

When the contract is signed the budget is also signed. So company is creating the budget in those different currencies for both cost and revenue.

Now it is expecting to see it the ETC, EAC and Actuals in Base Currency where the actuals in the Project Forecast are based on the information in the transactions (Vouchers). And that the ETC is recalculated by first taking the EAC from previous Forecast then subtract the actuals. And that the ETC is based on the B&F Rate.

But now the problem is that “Used Base Curr BF Rate” and “Actual Base Curr BF Rate” are not the values as presented in the transactions (Vouchers) but that those are calculated based on the Transaction Currency and the valid Currency Rate as per B&F Currency Rate Type table.

So there is the problem, the actuals must not be calculated results but those need to be the actual values as per voucher.

Requirement as a summary-

 The Project Forecast to present the ETC, EAC and Actual values in Base Currency where the actuals are based on the vouchers. When the Budget in Multi Currency is used.


RnD team has investigated this and considered this should be handled as a feature development which is beyond the scope of the support.

Recreational steps have been attached. 

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