How to Close a Project

  • 19 November 2021
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When I search for projects by Status, there is an option for Closed.  However, I  can’t see how to Close a project.  I can mark it complete, but I see no way to close it.  How can I close a project?

We are in IFS 10


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Do you mean a finance project?  There is a function to move to Project Completion from the Project or Projects. Might require permissions you don’t have.


Do you mean a project in engineering?  There is a status here for moving to Complete when the right parameters are met.


In either case, Closing or Completing a project has implications well beyond just the object itself.  Neither are like an order in that sense where simply closing the object affects just that one thing.

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Closing the project is normaly done by the companies Finance department and are done in the Finance tab on the project header or in Financial Project (Project Completion).

The  amount for capitalization and reposting rules has to be set in this process. All processes in the project must be finanlized before you are alowed to close the project financially.

Run the function in “Unfiniched Activity Work” under Project Management/Analysis first to verify if you have some remaining reporting, invoicing etc.