Cant find an event when I send an e-mail

  • 13 September 2022
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After finishing a sales order, I click to print order confirmation and set to send me an e-mail and type my e-mail. It works perfectly.

But, I would like to edit the subject and the e-mail body. However, I can’t find where I change it.

I already check all the e-mail events and there is nothing related to this.

Anyone can help me, please?




6 replies

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Please, anyone could help me in this case?

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You can’t change the subject and email body.


These are hardcoded in PRINT_JOB_API



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I need to edit this subject e-mail.


Is there a way to do it???

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If you want to be able to adjust the subject/body i think you are better of using either Report Rules with Action Type ‘Email’ or an Event action based on the PDF_REPORT_CREATED

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I am trying to create an Event Action based on the PDF_REPORT_CREATED.

The subject e-mail need to contain the “Customer_no” from “Customer Order” screen.


How can I add this field “Customer_no” if I can’t customize a field, because PDF_REPORT_CREATED is an event from IFS and I can’t change it.


is There a way to add this field in my Event Action?



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You have a couple of pre defined parameters called PDF_PARAMETER_1, PDF_PARAMETER_2, etc.

Their content is different depending on which report it is. What they contain can be found here per report:

I don’t know which report you are trying to e-mail but the reports that are connected to customer seems to have customer id (customer no) in parameter PDF_PARAMETER_2