Shop order: saved detailed standard costs

  • 20 November 2023
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Standard costs on a shop order will be generated with the current information also for old shop orders, which allows no real comparison of planned cost & WIP.

Is there a possibility in IFS Cloud to have these detailed standard costs (per operation and cost bucket) saved for each shop order, i.e. when created or released?

If not, is it in the roadmap for a future release?

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@MWMDAEG You can use the Estimate Cost tab instead of the Standard Cost tab. Estimate and Standard costs will be the same initially. But if you make some manual changes to the SO material and options the Estimate will differ from the Standard which is correct. The estimated cost will be the correct estimate of the SO cost before starting SO. And of course if you want to change the Estimate cost you can run Calculate Order Estimated Cost. 



Use this window to analyze shop order costs to ensure that the costs generated from the manufacturing process can be followed up and compared against the planned cost. When a shop order is created, the system automatically calculates the costs based on the order specific data, which is then displayed in the Shop Order Costs window.

When a shop order is in the Planned status or Released status, the part cost buckets added on the Cost Template in Cost Set One window can be updated via the right click option Calculate Order Cost  on the Shop Order Costs window. The order cost estimates will not be automatically calculated after an order has reached the Started status, but it is possible to calculate the order cost estimates for an order in the Started status via the Shop Order window, by right clicking and pointing to Costing and then clicking Calculate Order Estimated Cost.