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Incorrect decimal values

  • 22 October 2021
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  1. Go to global settings and change the number of decimal places to 2.
  2. Go to Engineering Part Revision -> Additional tab-> Material Cost field.
  3. Update the field with 0.12032133 -> save.
  4. Again, change the number of decimal places to 8 and check the field.

You will now see the value 0.12000000 instead of 0.12032133.
Is this a bug or something that can be corrected from settings?


Best answer by Nethaji Chandrasiri 22 October 2021, 07:29

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Hi @Devni Panduwawala,

This issue can be observed in few other windows as well.

A framework correction was introduced from UPD11 BP bug 157134 which fixed the issue “expansion
of decimal digits in IFS Currency - Preserve Precision fields were not consistent”. Therefore, all the relevant fields should be modified accordingly to reflect these changes (Set the field format of required fields to "IFS Currency - Preserve Precision)

RnD has corrected this issue in “Engineering Part Revision” via 161042