Help! AURENA- Using Engineering Part Navigator with a Parent with many children

  • 21 September 2021
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There is a significant lack of functionality in the use of the Engineering Part Navigator in Aurena, I’m looking for help from anyone who can give me some ideas on how to manage this.

I have a parts list that is single level of 150 parts or 500 parts or, even, a 1000 parts.  My objective is to establish Parent/Child relationships within this single level list of parts to, well, establish multi-level BoMs that are needed to build the ship.  Imagine trying to do this!


We could use the navigator where we put it into Edit mode and cut and paste.  Remember, there is NO ability to filter in the Engineering Part Navigator.  Go find, say, PN=123 Find Number ABC.  (we’re using find no, too, because there are many parts where PN=123.  It is the 125th part on the list and I want to cut it and paste it under the 50th item on the list.  Now, to get to this child part to cut it, you have to scroll (Show More), 5 times to get to see the part to “cut” in and then you have to scroll again to get to the parent under which you want to past this child.  Wow!  Our customer is seeing this extraordinary difficulty and is pushing back very hard.

We could work in the Consist Of tab, which does offer filtering capability but we don’t have any Cut/Paste functionality.  We’d the ability to cut and then move to the Consists of of the parent and paste it there.


We’ve really got a problem here.  

Thank you.


Any chance 21R2 has this fixed?

2 replies

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I’m pretty sure you’ll get no good response from IFS on this….hoping you do because I think the 24 records on the screen and show more to get more is the dumbest, most un-user friendly “feature” of Aurena.  It isn’t just the Engineering Part where this is a problem, pick any overview screen that anyone uses often (today I was searching IEE for 1050 parts on Inventory Parts to do a download which in turn is returning 15000 records) - that will be an impossible to scroll through list to find a pattern of wrong data in Aurena.


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We are absolutely looking at how we can make it easier for mass updates of information and completely understand that the select more feature is annoying when you want to see everything. We have to balance that against other screens where people want the information to load quickly and are only interested in seeing a subset of data.  This design works really well for that, but of course, we recognize we need to do more for all the other use cases.


In 21R2, 22R1 and 22R2 there are continued improvements to how we can view, manipulate and perform mass updates of data.

Patrick, I will also reach out to help internally with your specific question.