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  • 7 November 2023
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Hello Community,


With regards to Costing Basic Data, a Cost Estimator is a person responsible for the cost calculation of a product. Of course, in order to define cost estimators, they should be first defined as persons.

In other words, when it comes to a Cost Estimator, it basically means that a company can decide whether or not there should only be one person that can create & mantain the cost calculation of a product, or is there anything else to be mentioned regarding Cost Estimators?


Happy to receive any feedback.

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4 replies

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I think it’s worth mentioning that a Person does not have to be an actual user, so in the case of Cost Estimators you could have ‘Engineering Department’ or ‘Technical Manager’ defined as Persons instead of an actual user.

Apart from that, I think your summary and understanding is correct!

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Hello @Richard Owen,

Thank you for the quick input. 

I still need to understand whether the assigned Cost Estimator is the only one who can perform & mantain cost calculations for a product, meaning that no other person can interfere and make changes? My test showed me no limitations in this sense, even if I assigned a cost estimator to a product, anyone else can perform cost calculations.


Also, could there be a correlation between Cost Estimator and Calculation Status?

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@alina.panait Whoever has permission via IFS permission set to perform the Cost Rollup, can perform the Cost Rollup regardless of cost estimator or not.

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@alina.panait  even if the Cost Estimator has no direct impact on telling who can run cost calculation, it still is useful in Part Costs overview for the responsible person for cost calculation to be able to filter for only those parts that he/she would be responsible for.