APB scheduling shop orders both ASAP and ALAP

  • 15 November 2023
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We have a need to schedule the first operation of a shop order as soon as possible, and secondary operations as late as possible. Is this achievable with advanced planning board?

Purpose is to utilize available machine capacity at op 10 and have accurate start dates for raw material planning, but backwards schedule remaining operations so orders are finished as late as possible. 

Machine work centers (Op 10) are finite and finishing work centers are infinite.  




IFS App 10

2 replies

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Hi Eric, 
We do not have that facility in APB. All shop orders loaded to the scheduling client will get same dispatch rule in the schdule.

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Hi Eric,

It is bit confusing why you are trying to achieve such behavior?

If the Purpose is to utilize available machine capacity at op 10 that would happen even when you finite schedule ‘As late as possible’. And also you will get accurate start dates for finite raw material planning, etc.

For those aspects there is no such difference in the functionality based on the scheduling direction that you select. The method you are trying to use here may create lots of gaps within a single shop order and that would create lots of Work In Progress (WIP) stock in your production.

If the requirement is finishing as late as possible you can use that option in scheduling and eventually all other finite constraints will be considered by APB when scheduling.

For a selected order you can select and try selectively schedule option in APB for Op10 As soon as possible and then select remaining operations of same order and do schedule as late as possible. But that wouldn’t create any value for the schedule since it is generating lots of pieces in WIP which is a cost to handle.