Want to use multiple layout in supplier check

  • 25 August 2021
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I want to use multiple layout to print supplier check. Like one check with “AC PAY ONLY”  in the left top corner of the supplier check, another one will be without “AC PAY ONLY”.

How I can do it?


1 reply

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The way I see it you have several options.

Assuming that this is an Operational Report,

  1. [Report Designer Layout Only] Check a condition in the RDF and add “AC PAY ONLY” in to the XML data and add that field to the layout. Here you will have only one layout.
  2. [Report Designer Layout Only] Add the static text “AC PAY ONLY” to the layout or an XML, xpath which contains the data value “AC PAY ONLY”. Then have a visible condition on the item checking some value in the XML data to show hide. Here also you will have only one layout.
  3. Have two layouts, and then switch between the layout to be chosen depending on a condition using a Report Rule. Here it can be any Operational Report Layout type (Report Designer, Crystal etc..)