The report is not populated in Aurena

  • 2 April 2024
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I have created a quick report (SQL statement) in APP10 and the report is successfully populated when trying to view using IEE.

The report is seen in the ‘Order Report’ window but when I try to view the report, it is not populated and shows ‘No Data’. The issue remains the same even if I log in as IFSAPP to Aurena.

Could someone please advice if any security grants should be done in order to see the records in Aurena please?


1 reply

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Hi @sachini01 ,


Could you kindly check again whether it’s a SQL type quick report, or an operational report ? I’m asking because quick reports are not listed in Order Report widow. Only the operational reports (standard ones or customized ones) are listed inside order report window.

Can you put a screen shot for each instance which explains the issue better ?


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