Price Type Field Modification

  • 5 August 2022
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  1. The Repair Order Price Type field needs to retain the type selected by the Component Repair Analyst and not change to “Confirmed” when the order is received.  Once the CRA validates the service with the vendor that matches the price paid these should remain on the order and not automatically be changed by the system.  The field currently changes to confirmed on receipt.
    1. Need to validate the Price Type field is a text field
    2. Need to expand the Price Type field to include all services: Test, Inspect, Calibration, Minor Repair, Std Repair, Major Repair, Overhaul, Modification, RAI

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Actually, this is normal Maintenix behavior. Whenever a PO is created, regardless what is entered in the Price Type, when the inventory is received and marked RFI (could be during the receiving if the inventory doesn't need inspection or when marked as serviceable), the Price Type switches to CNFRMD in the PO line. This is to confirm that the unit price was confirmed with the vendor.

You can ofcourse insert rows to the REF_PRICE_TYPE table to display additional values in the Price Type dropdown field.