Can't move aircraft from one hangar bay to another bay with multiple In-Work package

  • 30 March 2022
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Maintenix allow user to move Workpackage (WP) from one TRACK to another when there is only one WP with status IN-WORK. But if there are more then one WP with status IN-WORK then the system doesn’t allow it, why not ?

This happen quite often for us when C-check is coming to an end that the aircraft is moved between Hangar (track) slots.


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3 replies

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Hi Bjarki,

Do you mean that you are trying to move the IN WORK WP to a different location while there are still other IN WORK WPs at the previous location?

Maintenix does not allow multiple IN WORK Work Packages at different locations. All the IN WORK Work Packages on an Aircraft must be at the same location. Due to how Work Packages function in Maintenix, they cannot be IN WORK at different locations since it would not be possible to work on an Aircraft at more than one physical location at the same time, which is why the location can not be changed in the front end.

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To clear the misunderstanding, we have currently 5 WP’s in status IN-WORK all with same location in Maintenix, now the aircraft has been moved from that location to a different maintenance bay we wanted also to move all the 5 WP’s to the new maintenance bay location, so Maintenix will relect where the aircraft actually is located.

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Hi Bjarki,

I agree with your assessment, there is no feature in Maintenix that allows for all in work work packages to be rescheduled to a new location. This is especially important if there are part requests in your work package. If only one work package was started at one time, then it would be possible to reschedule the one work package to a new location, to ensure that newly picked parts are sent to the correct physical location. In your scenario there is risk that without double-checking the tail the parts will be delivered to the wrong bay.

This is a good candidate for an Idea. Can you please raise your suggestion there? If you have counterparts in other organizations that you can encourage to vote for your idea, this would raise the visibility of the need.