Batch, part-number based task completions

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SWA has noted that you cannot find BATCH part-number based tasks while using the Task Search function. We see that if a task has been completed that you should be able to find it via the Task Search. We were able to see the task completions while reviewing the parent Requirement and Inventory details history.


Do any other operators have a better way to search for BATCH, P/N based requirement tasks?


Best answer by Robert Bellemare 24 May 2023, 22:10

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AF/KL does not use yet this functionality - Part Number based Task.
We alréady experienced various problem with the task Search Page, Do you use Task Search basic or by type?



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Hi Ainsley,

You have discovered an issue that has never been reported previously. I have reproduced the issue you are referring to on the page coined Task Search, or Unconstrained Task Search. The same issue does not affect the Task Search by Type page. The Task Search by Type has the option to search for historical tasks using the part number.

I would encourage you to raise this issue through Maintenix support so it can be further evaluated.

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CS202305-64029 was our original case for this question.


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CS202305-64029 was our original case for this question.


I reviewed this ticket today, and it presents an interesting dilemma for repairable batch inventory. What is being asked of the system in this case is to maintain traceability of EO execution against a component whose part number has been elected to be a batch part. This batch component has been sent externally for repair and later received back into the organization. This is a level of historical context that is better suited to serialized or tracked part numbers. Batched inventory can operate as an individual component in some respects. However, it should not be expected that it be the same as uniquely identifiable, serialized inventory that is maintained and tracked as the component is issued into service, or sent outside of the organization.

Tasks not being returned by the search, in the case as it was raised, is a byproduct of the system not being able to guarantee the tracking of a non-tracked part. During the discovery phase of this analysis, there are other simpler scenarios that do not locate a batch PN-based task in the task search. I have asked the original analyst to follow up with the support ticket to further clarify these details.