Are work packages automatically generated in 8.1 sp3 of Maintenix and what auto generates them??

  • 20 February 2024
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Trying to figure out how work packages get auto generated in MXI 8.1.


Best answer by Hashani Fernando 21 February 2024, 05:36

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Hi Lauri,


Yes work packages do get automatically created in 8.1-SP3 version.

A couple of scenarios that would auto create WPs are:
- “Package and Complete Task” and “Package and Complete Fault” options
- “Log fault and close” option when raising a fault
- Whenever a block, requirement, or aircraft is added to a long range plan, the Long Range Planner will automatically create work packages for each block/requirement against every applicable aircraft
- You can use the Line Planning Automation (LPA) tool to automatically create and schedule the turn and service work packages.

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Thanks for the great answer.  I have another related question.  We have customers with open work packages but all the tasks within it are completed and the work packages never get closed.  How is this happening?

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Hi Lauri,

This is an indicator that the customer in question may not have a formal process for closing work package prior to the Release to Service. If their operations demanded a serviceable state before flight, then completing the work package would be mandatory by process. However, there is nothing in Maintenix that will interrupt your efforts to record flights or add usage to an aircraft while there is an open work package. This type of constraint may pose an operational risk. One constraint in this area is that the software will prevent you from starting a work package at a different location than the open work package.

Another potential option is the complete work package constraints. There are several configurable parameters that will present Warnings or Errors on work package closure using the Preview Release feature. It is possible that the customer aircraft are not meeting the maintenance release rules, and thus it would not be possible to complete the work package and bring the aircraft into service. Hopefully, this is not the case.

These are the rules, you may read more about them in the User Guide under the heading “Previewing releases”:

  1. AOG or undeferred faults
  2. Overdue tasks or faults
  3. Near-due tasks or faults
  4. Uncollected job cards
  5. Missing mandatory components