Aircraft take along spares buildup?

  • 12 February 2020
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Who is using Maintenix and has an on aircraft take along spares? Do you have a back shop build up the bag, kit, or case? Would appreciate any guidance on how to set up a back shop task to build a case of spare parts for installation on the aircraft. 


We are using 8.3 SP1 if the info helps. 


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2 replies

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Hi Ted,

There are a number of situational considerations to work through to determine the best way to set up your ‘fly-away kits’.  Some items to consider: 

Are there rotable or TRK/SER parts in the kit?

How are the kit items controlled (consumed or taken out of the kit)?

Are the items all expense or consumable items?

Do the kits need to be replenished by a work task?

Do the kits move between aircraft?

Do you keep prebuilt spare ‘fly-away’ kits in the warehouse?


It is best to sit with an IFS consultant to go over the various considerations so that the right solution for kits for PSA is established.


Thanks for the information. I contacted our IFS consultants and am making progress.