Data Messaging Platform for IFS User Community

  • 29 November 2021
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  • Do Gooder (Employee)
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Swiss-AS offering AMOS is one our top competitors in-terms of Airline / MRO customers. 

Swiss-AS is planning to launch a SaaS-based data messaging platform, AMOScentral, to allow members of the AMOS user group community to connect with one another and later to external service providers.

  1. Can we design a messaging platform for all users of IFS Cloud to exchange Images, Queries, Updates, ADs/SBs, Casual Messages, etc., between all users of IFS Cloud? 
  2. Can we even extend the capabilities of this messaging platform to accommodate Video Calls where users can share the defect details or queries to a targeted user or a group of users (Within the company) or even external (operating a similar model of engine or airplane) and create work instructions based on feedback
  3. P.S. Its not about the ability to communicate (any messaging platform can do that) but using the power of the User Group Community to leverage technical know-how

3 replies

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Hi Mags,

I believe the intent of IFS Community is to achieve this ecosystem-level engagement for customers, our partners, and ourselves. If your objective is to present parity of vision during a sales engagement, then I believe our platform is already offering many of these functions today, based on your summary.

As with any community based platform, the quality and depth of its content is as good as the contributions of its members. If you would like to know more about the current and future capabilities of IFS Community I can recommend @KristenGastaldo who is the Director of Customer Self-Service, and a champion for IFS Community engagement.


Hi @Robert Bellemare, appreciate the clarity on IFS Community scope. 
However, my Idea is about building a workplace feature within our IFS Cloud Product to enable our users to communicate queries and ideas as they use our product for their day-to-day activities. 

Our Competitor Swiss-AS AMOS is building such a feature (AMOScentral) that will enable all their customers who have an AMOS instance running to communicate with one another and later to external service providers. This will be a great feature to handle Technical aspects in A&D where Safety & Speed are paramount. 

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Hi Mags,

Thank you for expanding. My understanding of what you have summarized above is that IFS Community can meet all the topics you have mentioned: exchanging of ideas and enabling communication. The delta you present is that IFS Community sits on the open internet, and is not a module within our SaaS product. Our IFS Cloud product contains links to IFS community to raise visibility of the service.

I have connected with our product management team to get a better understanding of the topic. Their key takeaway from AMOScentral is that while it has a subset of the features of IFS Community, it will contain a platform with the capabilities of data exchange. For example two AMOS customers could transfer faults, send a workscope to an MRO, or enabling leasing of an aircraft. We do not offer an equivalent product in our eco-system, but with the development of our Disconnected Operations feature we have the infrastructure required to build an equivalent feature.