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  • 24 November 2022
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Hi all, we are looking at using Absence Request on Aurena but have come across an issue: colleagues working 4 nights get marked as being off for 5 days in My Absence Calendar. This is a bit confusing for the guy requesting holidays as it looks like the system will take 5 days off him. Granted the last shift ends 7am ‘the next day’ but still… The system only takes 48 hours off in the end so that’s all good. However, in the request overview for the line manager who comes in to approve the holiday - s/he gets 2 records: one with the correct 48 hours that can be approved, but also one showing 0 hours and that cannot be approved as ‘the employee has no schedule for the period’. This will mean a lot of redundant records lingering. Am I missing something in my set up or is this an issue with a fix or something we just need to live with?

Many thanks in advance.


Some details:

working nights 21-24 but marked for 5 days. Holiday only requested for 21-24/5.

Overview Absence requests show this for the same period

Day type is set up as this:


5 replies

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First we can say that Absence management can’t handle night shifts as time & attendance can… unfortunately but that is just a fact.

I wonder, when you do this - if you just mark the accounting dates for the absence request. - do you get a correct result then?

I can see you day types are from current to next so if you create an absence request from the 21st to the 24th only - do not enter any time - if it’s a full day it is a full day.

If you enter times in absence management it tries to calculate part of a calendar day and different stuff that we don’t want….. 



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Hi Maria, thanks for your swift reply! I did request the four days only - sorry for not being clear on that, but it still marks it as 5 days once I have come out of the pop up dialogue. I also noticed now that the working pattern actually shows as 5 working days for the night shift stretch on the calendar - so in the pic below the employee is on shift on the white days. The 4x nights starting on 9/8 looks like it is 5 nights. Very confusing when you look at it and try to book your hols…. Might need to not use this screen at all although I thought it was the slickest way to request absence when you see the yearly calendar, especially for those not working a standard Monday to Friday pattern. It should look at the account date only really.


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Ah, I think I have reported a case on this…. that absence management doesn’t understand what an account date is… 

What update do you have?

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That sounds hopeful - hopefully there is a fix for this then! We’re on update 12..


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Please do report a case you too :-)