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Why use Oracle multitenant database instead of single instance database

  • 29 May 2020
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IFS seems to recommend use of multitenant database (container database + pluggable database) when installing IFS10 (at least that setup is described in help files) but since only one PDB per CDB is supported I can not really see any advantage of using multitenant setup.

So, why use multitenant database (instead of single instance)?

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There is no specific advantage in the way IFS runs with the backend Oracle database running as single instance or multi-tenant, as IFS currently supports only one PDB per CDB.

Multi-tenant architecture will become more handy from an administration standpoint once IFS starts supporting multiple PDBs per CDB.

Also, we found out through IFS NA, that IFS uses a multi-tenant database in their Help Documentation, however this doesn’t mean they are recommending to use it over a single instance setup.

Couple of our clients went live with Apps 10 running on a multi-tenant database and we found few DBA tasks like backups, database cloning, point in time refresh etc.to be little more complicated. However, once you figure out how things work there are few advantages specifically with PDB database refresh as well.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for explaining



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We find that we can copy our Live PDB into our Test or Dev CDB easier than it might have been otherwise. It only takes a few minutes so we can deal with specific issues or test fixes etc with the most up-to-date data.

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The reason why IFS recommends multitenant databases for IFS Applications 10 is that non-CDB technology is deprecated in Oracle Database from Oracle 12.2, although still supported. As of Oracle 20, non-CDB functionality is removed and only multitenant databases are supported.

I can agree with that multitenant technology adds an additional level of complexity when it comes to administration, but there are also advantages, even if you only use one PDB (e.g. cloning, upgrading, patching).