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  • 1 August 2022
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How can i  expose the standard projections to display the json output or standard steps.

3 replies

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Can you elaborate a bit on what you want to do and also tell us what you have tried, what tools you use, “from where” you want to do this?


Also, moved to Framework section, this does not seem like a Docman question.


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HI @Mathias Dahl ,


The steps i followed are as follows.


In Aurena opened the debug window and from element page Gl Balance analysis noted the Projection and entity set.

 I just wanted to expose the rest outbound endpoint related to Gl Balance analysis , in this regards I managed to found out the project and service name.

But I am not sure how to pass the filter like accounting period and year to that endpoint to extract json data.,CompList=null,CompName=null,CompGroupList=null,BalanceSetId=null,IncludeHoldTable=false,SimulationVoucher=IfsApp.GLBalanceAnalysisHandling.SimulationVoucherEnum%27Normal%27,MultiCompany=false,Attribute=null,AttribValue=null,ShowAllBalances=false,WhereStmnt=null,NavStatus=%27FALSE%27,RepMapStartYearPeriod=null,RepMapYearPeriod=null,RepMapYear=null,RepMapPeriod=null,ExcludePeriods=null,PeriodMappingExists=null,FromYear=2022,ToYear=2022)?$apply=filter(((AccountingYear eq 2022) and AccountingPeriod eq 01))/groupby((Company,AccountingYear,AccountingPeriod,Account,AccountRef/Description),aggregate(DebetBalance with sum as DebetBalance_aggr_,CreditBalance with sum as CreditBalance_aggr_,AmountBalance with sum as AmountBalance_aggr_,BudgetAmount with sum as BudgetAmount_aggr_,PlanningDifference with sum as PlanningDifference_aggr_,PlanningDiffPercentage with sum as PlanningDiffPercentage_aggr_,CurrDebetBalance with sum as CurrDebetBalance_aggr_,CurrCreditBalance with sum as CurrCreditBalance_aggr_,CurrAmountBalance with sum as CurrAmountBalance_aggr_,BudgetCurrAmount with sum as BudgetCurrAmount_aggr_,CurrPlanningDifference with sum as CurrPlanningDifference_aggr_,CurrPlanningDiffPercentage with sum as CurrPlanningDiffPercentage_aggr_,AvgRate with sum as AvgRate_aggr_,QtyBalance with sum as QtyBalance_aggr_,BudgetQuantity with sum as BudgetQuantity_aggr_,PlanningQtyDifference with sum as PlanningQtyDifference_aggr_,PlanningQtyDiffPercentage with sum as PlanningQtyDiffPercentage_aggr_,ThirdCurrencyDebitBalance with sum as ThirdCurrencyDebitBalance_aggr_,ThirdCurrencyCreditBalance with sum as ThirdCurrencyCreditBalance_aggr_,ThirdCurrencyAmountBalance with sum as ThirdCurrencyAmountBalance_aggr_))&$skip=0&$top=25&odata-debug=json"

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Turn off debug. Then instead open Chrome dev tools and go to the Network tab. Then make a search in the page. You will then see the network call, exactly like you need it, under the Network tab.