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  • 21 October 2019
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I see that UPD6 is out now. Anyone running this and can recommend going forward installing it? We are on UPD5 now. 




Heard something of some bugs and unstable things in UPD6. This was due to some design change, I heard. Anyone knows more about this?

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If you are using or going to use Aurena across all your functional areas Update 6 would be a must since it has RTM release of Aurena client. Apart of all new bits and pieces it has a lot of improvements to Aurena framework as well as support for Oracle 19c (with small limitations listed on Certification Page:  Thumbnail generation is not supported by Oracle 19c and Oracle 19C App10: Archived images are not loaded properly when archived in HTTPS Azure storage).


We have currently merged Update 6 to 7 customers in the UK one of which is currently Live on Update 5. In terms of problems I have not heard about anything  specific relating to stability.


If you could find more details about stability problems I could find out more about them.

Thanks Pawel

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We are on Upd3 and wait until Upd7 will be released and the info I have got from IFS is that it should be released in December.