IFS Disaster Recovery

  • 8 November 2019
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We are planning to perform a test DR of our infrastructure and IFS system as this is a requirement for SOX/Audit to evidence we have performed this task. 

We have Oracle database on a Linux server, whereas IFS environments are on Windows servers. We have Mobile and 360 in addition to the Middle Ware (MW) server.  We are using IFS Apps 8.

Our Windows servers are mirrored using a 3rd party product, and i believe the plan is to fail over to a mirrored equivalent during the test. 

We copy the Live Oracle files to our TEST Oracle server hourly. The plan is to create the Live database on the test server using the backed up files transferred from Live server.

Once the database is up, i understand i need to perform a re-config on the MW server to point to this database on the test server instead of the Live server for the purpose of DR test. 

Are there any other steps I need to perform to allow IFS to work in this DR scenario? 

I am looking for guidance or advise on experiences of performing a DR test of IFS environments  and what areas we need to consider.

Thank you in advance



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2 replies

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Hi Shaun,


Unfortunately there is no easy way to provide you with the list of steps specific to your scenario.

You will have to go through  your solution making sure that you cover  all angles.

It all depends on which parts of IFS Solution you are using and which areas will be tested.


You have mentioned Mobile Work Order and PSO so those would need to be looked at as a minimum. However whole integration through IFS Connect would need to be looked at as well.

Changes would be needed in 2 areas:

  • amending direct access to restored database on new server
  • switching off or redirecting any external messages that may be triggered once you reconfigure your Middleware and fire it up.

Those steps are essential to avoid unwanted distribution of production data when not required.

Please make sure you cover following areas in addition to any other you use (some may not be relevant in your situation):

  • PL/SQL Access Provider
  • System Parameters
  • BI Services
  • Document Management
  • Constraint Base Scheduling
  • Demand Planner
  • PSO setup
  • Integration with IFS Connect
    • Routing rules and addresses
    • IFS Connect setup

Apologies for not being specific but I hope this helps with your task.


Kind regards,


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Thanks @Pawel Lenczewski for your response.

We are planning to re-config the IFS environment on Middleware to point to the ‘Live DR Database’ hosted on TEST Oracle server and also reconfig the authentication for SSO to point to a different DC.

The server names are remaining the same via DNS; however the IT guys are failing over to a mirrored copy of the Windows servers which have different IP addresses. So effectively i will login to the MW environment using the fail over IP address to perform the reconfig of IFS.

The fact in sys parameters etc we refer to the server name, in theory all IFS Systems such as PSO, Doc Mgmt and Mobile should work as expected. We have users logging in to test the various areas during the DR test. 

What are your thoughts on the above? 

Do you foresee any issues?

Thanks again