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  • 18 March 2021
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Good day

We have IFS app8. we have a problem in setup for sending e-mail cust event and I guess it is related to SMTP sever configuration since the e-mail are stacked in C:\inetpub\mailroot\Queue folder. I have attached here some screen shots for the config of ifs connect and cust event, could someone support me on the issue?!


6 replies

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Hi @Tibah_ksa ,


I would recommend youmake sure your email server is configured to allow the IFS Application server to be a mail relay or add a username and password of a valid user to you mail sender setup.



William Klotz

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Hi William

Thanks for your reply, Could you develop more and if possible if you have guidelines how to do that.



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I don’t see any SMTP errors in your Application Message screenshot, so this may be an issue with background processing of email messages?


  • Did the email functionality stop working recently? 
  • Did you try restarting the Batch Service (under Windows Services) for this particular IFS instance?
  • What is your job_queue_processes set to currently?
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Hi srikanth


Thanks for your attention, so the issue happened after a server crash ,in fact it is a new setup and probably there is a mistake in the configuration of the smtp server or IFS setup, do you have any guidelines how to setup this e-mail configuration in both smtp server and ifs setup application in order to check where is the mistake


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Do you see any Application Messages in Failed status with SMTP error message under Details? I am trying to understand what makes you think there is an issue with the SMTP configuration?

You can open Preview option for a Report and use Email To option to test sending an email. This is a very simple test which can confirm whether your SMTP settings work. Have you tried this?

A far as guidelines are concerned, SMTP settings varies from client to client and IFS requires bare minimum configuration - SMTP Server Name or IP,  Port numbers if not using standard ones, Mailbox User credentials, SSL settings.

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