IFS Connect integration with keystores

  • 9 September 2021
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Dear Community!

For a customer, we are currently trying to add a connection between IFS 10 in the cloud and a server on customer side to connect securly.


This is for IFS Connect and a routing address to connect to a scale unit.

We have already added all possible certificates to IFS in the keystore window, but it still not working.

We are getting the error
Expetion while sending data
Caused by: ifs.fnd.base.SystemException: Exception while obtaining SSL socket factory
Caused by: toDerInputStream rejects tag type 45.


Any suggestions on that? 
Any help is appreciated.

We are now struggling with this topic for over a month now with nobody in IFS Germany being able to check on this.

Kind regards,



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3 replies

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Hi @Technical Toby,

Could you please let us know whether the connection to Application hosted server to the server which is in customer side has no issues. First check that connectivity is there then you could see if the database wallet also has been updated with the same certificate sets. Just adding the certificates to Middleware server keystore might not help if the calls is directly going to the database. 

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Dear @Ragaventhan Sathananda 

AS this customer is in the managed cloud, I am not sure.

I do not have access to the VM there.


But the DNS Entry had been created via ticket CS0043426.

The call of the interface is via REST and not a direct database call.

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The keystore window is only to be used for signing Documents.


It is not needed for the setup of secure integration with other systems.


We have removed the info from the Routing Address and the DNS Entry to the server is working now from the Cloud hosted Middleware Server.


We still have an issue, but that is related to coding.