How do I create an external URL containing multiple objects in a form window?

  • 14 November 2019
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We could populate an object in a form window (e.g. Customer Order), and use Send To > Mail Recipient as Link to create an external URL for an single object.


We could also select multiple objects in a table window and perform Send To > Mail Recipient as Link as shown below.


How do I send multiple objects in a form window? For example, how to I have two customer orders to populate in Customer Order window by clicking an external link?


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3 replies

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There is no standard functionality provided by IFS Applications to do this. However, there is a trick you could use to do this. (Caveat: This is cumbersome)

Other answers


  1. Also see @Rusiru ‘s trick below. (Caveat: does not work if the form window does not have a corresponding overview)
  2. Also see@Lahirumala de Mel’s answer. (Caveat: Creates a new selection under the corresponding form’s navigator link, which you can delete later. Also does not scale well for large number of records)


For example, if you want to create a link that populates two customer orders, follow these steps:


  1. Search them and populate in Customer Order window:


  1. Copy the address in the address bar (Note: if the address bar is not visible, use View > Address Bar or Ctrl+Shift+A).


  2. Use a URL encoder to encode the copied address in the address bar (We won’t recommend a particular tool, but searching “urlencode online” should provide plenty).


  3. Use the following format to construct the external URL for the users:



Hope this helps.

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Form windows does not allow us to multi select - hence I think there is no way to generate a link for multiple keys using a form window - I think form windows are intended to see only one object at a time. Even we cannot execute RMB menu actions for multiple objects in form windows. Rather we should use the overview.


However as overview window allows us to multi select, we can generate the link and then manually change window name to point to the form window. 


Get the URL from tbw and change tbwOverviewCustOrd to frmCustomerOrder


So the final URL looks like below.


I tried this, it seems to be working. 

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Another alternative: From the form window add the objects to a selection one at a time. Then go to “selections” window, select the selection → RMB → Mail recipient as link. You will be able to generate a URL that loads all the records.