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How can I set appropriate permissions related to entering/processing a CAPA?

  • 24 October 2019
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I am trying to set up a couple of permission sets related to the entering and processing a corrective action.  We’ll have one group that will only initiate the capa and enter the Investigation Data. I need to be able to restrict them from completing the subsequent steps (enter action data, verification data etc..). This looks pretty clear in the permission set, under frmNcrCapaActionsMain\Actions, there are 4 distinct options one for each step. I only have the “Enter Investigation Data” one checked  for this permission set. However when testing, a user with this permission set has all of steps available.

If I go deeper and look at the Presentation Objects by Component the options for “Enter Action Data” etc. are not granted but the Database Objects for each of the steps are the same (NCR_CORRECTIVE_ACTION_LINE, NCR_CORRECTIVE_ACTION_LINE_API) so they are granted.

Is there any way to limit the access to specific steps? It seems as this should be possible so hopefully I’m just missing it.


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Please disregard. I found that the permissions restricted them from completing the transaction even though they could still enter and save information for that step. I did find though that I can hide those steps through their base profile. So with that combination we should be good.