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DOT NET Print Agent Configuration

  • 5 February 2021
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I am trying to configure the new .NET based Print Agent and the Connection Status is showing Disconnected.

Here are the steps I followed:

  • Unzipped latest Print Agent 64-bit install files from the Middleware directory
  • Ran IFSPrintAgent.exe to launch the Console
  • RMB on the Tray Item to Configure the connection
  • Upon prompt, updated IFSPRINT user password and saved the changes
  • Updated Id to Instance ID and Server Name (neither seem to be working)
  • RMB on the Tray Item to Monitor the connection and it shows Disconnected.


  • Is there any missing setup to get the PA to work?
  • What goes in the ID field - Server (host) name or IFS Instance ID?
  • What else can I do to troubleshoot why the PA isn’t connecting?

TIA, Sri


Best answer by ChanakaAmarasekara 8 February 2021, 07:24

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Hi @Srikanth ,


Do you have a firewall running on the server?

You may need to allow inbound on port 8200.

The ID we put the IFS Instance information.



William Klotz

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Windows firewall is disabled. Good one!

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First you need to install the service. Here when you install it you need to specify a domain user who can login to the domain and can access the printers and can print to them.

Then you need to start the service. Once the service is successfully started the tray icon will show a green dot.

Then you can run the monitoring.

As for the ID you can give any name. It’s just an unique identifier.

Also make sure that you provide the raw decrypted password for IFSPRINT (in plain text) and once saved it will encrypt and save.

Another thing to check is that IFSPRINT user is not locked.




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@ChanakaAmarasekara - Thank for this info. Installing the Service was the missing part as I assumed we can run the PA interactively first like the older JAVA-version.

The status shows Connected now.