Does anyone use IFS tools to sharing tips & tricks of the system

  • 16 March 2022
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IFS Community,

We just went live in November. Does anyone use any tools to share tips, tricks etc to their internal IFS teams?  If so, I would love to know some ideas how we can use the IFS system to do so.  

Thank you, Michelle


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We have done this via Sharepoint, via email and via Teams, but the only way I can think of doing this within IFS is via a held document in IFS DocMan, but you would need some notification method that tells users there are no details, which isn’t very noticeable or efficient really.

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Dear @Mdangelo 

I could offer the following insights , some are short term and some are long term.  For a long period, we have worked with our core customer team, to ensure the expertise on IFS is enhanced across the globe.

Customer is a logistics conglomerate working across 5 continents - 56 countries and has several thousand users , across the company and joint ventures. You may scale the interaction depending on the number of your core users and connected team.

  1. Monthly Emails with documents on sharepoint . Connect with individuals where core challenges exist and help one on one, throughout the month.
  2. Quarterly Meetings - to record innovative ideas, shortcuts and also new learnings . This can be conference calls and updates to a larger team, done in person.
  3. Annual Meetings at corporate HQ -  We did this for 1 week, where 2 -3 core personnel from each entity joined , learnt new things, planned to implement them at their work location, and also shared their perspectives, challenges as well as newer business requirements. We also conducted rewarding functions, where the best team which had maximum improvements and process usage ( business improvements, and IFS process enhancements) were recognised and awarded.

  I like the response from @ShawnBerk  , to use IFS Document Management and retain it inside IFS. In such as case, you could use Document Transmittal , to form a user group and distribute the documents to all the users after all such events that you generate newer tips, tricks 



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Thank you @VivekBhandiwad & @ShawnBerk for your feedback. It was very helpful.  

For our Standard SOPs we are using ClickLearn and we have uploaded into IFS using DOCMAN, making Document Aware and  liking SOPs to related objects. We want to also create a platform for any IFS user to log Tips or Tricks they want to share. I will certainly share some of your ideas with my leadership team.

Thanks again! Michelle

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Thats such a cool way of using IFS and click learn, can i ask how you achieved the join for Clicklearn to DOCMAN?