Change NLS_LANG on Oracle Instant Client.

  • 29 May 2020
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Hi all,

We are running PL/SQL Developer on our Windows clients with Oracle Instant Client. When doing so, the packages cannot handle Nordic characters (æøå). I think I have identified the problem as the NLS_LANG value in registry.  I have an old installation that is working. It looks like this:


On Instant Client theses entries does not exists (default is AMERICAN_AMERICAN.US7ASCII).

SELECT distinct client_charset FROM v$session_connect_info
WHERE sid = sys_context('USERENV','SID');

Anyone know an easy way to change NLS_LANG?


2 replies

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Hi Hans,


Have you tried setting the NLS_LANG in the Windows Environment variables as a system variable? Should work quite similar to the way the registry entry is working.


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Thanks @Sajith D , it worked.

For the ones facing the same problem.

Find the NLS_LANG on the server.

Combine it into this:


Add it to the environment on the clients: