Available Lines for Shipments - custom attribute

  • 13 April 2023
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Hello everyone, I can't find the entity (SourceLinesAvailableForShipment) for view ‘Available Lines for Shipments’ to add custom attribute. I also searched in additional view of each entity and still nothing.

Has anyone found maybe how to add a custom attribute for this entity?



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4 replies

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@WasilieW I’m having the same issue. We are using apps 10 aurena but from what I can tell, the underlying view for “available lines for shipments” is SOURCE_LINE_SHIPMENT but our custom fields in IEE are under SOURCE_LINE_SHIPMENT_ALT (the screen was called source lines available for shipments). In IEE the “approved detail views” on the custom fields screen from the source lines available for shipments doesn’t include SOURCE_LINE_SHIPMENT so it looks like I can’t add the custom fields that I have in IEE to Aurena.


Aurena apps 10 underlying view for Available Lines for Shipments
Approved detail views for Source Lines Available for Shipments in IEE doesn’t include SOURCE_LINE_SHIPMENT view.


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Anyone found a solution for this issue ?

Regards Peter 

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I have had success configuring a custom field on the ShipmentSourceUtility entity and then adding it to the Available Lines for Shipments screen. No additional views needed. The only catch is that the entity appears to only allow read-only custom fields. 


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Hello. By published the CF on SOURCE_LINE_SHIPMENT_ALT, I’m getting this error message :


But this error message doesn’t pop up when I publish the whole CF on CUSTOMER_ORDER_JOIN only (never tried on any other view name so far).