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Aurena custom navigator items now shown to some users

  • 22 March 2021
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Hi All,

I observed strange behavior with Aurena Navigator design.


I added a new Lobby, Menu item and a page as follow


For a user who has all Aurena permission, path until the My Absense calander is visible

But for a user who has limited access (user has grants to AbsenceEmployeeHandling projection), the navigator path to the page is not shown. Only the top level custom Lobby is visible.

Am I missing any permissions here?



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3 replies

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Hi Damith,


Check whether the custom navigator item is visible after moving it to ‘My Administration’.

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Check whether the below post is helpful for you.



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Hi @Dumeesha Wanigarathna ,


Thanks a lot for the replies.

It turned out to be that the problem was a permission issue. Problem was fixed after I granted the projection PersonNavigator which is the client of the menu item. It’s strange that the core menu items such as My Self-service is also connected to the PersonNavigator projection but user still can see it.