2 Context Mapping to same users not work

  • 14 January 2022
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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Hi, when I assign two Context to the same user, only page´s context is working.

The firts is navegator´s context and the second is page´s context so i think that must work to the same time.

Anyone could help me please?

4 replies

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Hi @JGM7 ,


It should be possible to map as many context as you want to a user.

In here it may be the context names are the issue.

Just give a try with two completely different context names and see.

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Hi @Janitha Jinarajadasa 


I delete one of this and create another one with another name but the problem its the same…


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Anyone could help me? 

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Hi @JGM7,

Please refer the below link for reference:

In this the below is mentioned:

Custom Contexts

Besides the global context one can define any number of custom contexts to store configurations for. Custom contexts are segmented from each other but is based upon the global context. Simplified, this means that if you have made layout configurations for two custom contexts X1 and X2, and also a configuration for global. A user running the application that is connected to context X1 will get configurations from X1 and global. This while a user running the application and is connected to X2 will get configurations made for X2 and global. No user will ever get a combination of X1 and X2.

In contrast to the global context. A user running the application will not get a configuration for a custom context if that is not specifically defined. This can be defined either by an explicit directive on a navigation request; e.g. navigator entry, lobby element link; or implicitly by mapping a user or group of users to a configuration context.

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