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Filter solved questions in the community portal

  • 4 November 2021
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This is about the way we use this community portal. 
I would like to filter answered questions, to review only open topics - and could not find a way to do it. 

Is there any way? 

What do you think - if it is not possible now - would it be useful?


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4 replies

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Hi @Adam Bereda,

I would like to filter answered questions, to review only open topics


Not sure if I understood the question correctly. But if you want to view open topics, you can select unanswered questions from the menu:

If you were looking for something else, please elaborate. 

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Hi, Charith,

Thank you for your guidance.

Yes, I think I am looking for something similar. Unanswered questions menu option works quite well, but it is missing context - when reviewing questions in e.g. Financials area, I would like to see only unanswered questions in this area, not in all areas. 

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Hi @Adam Bereda,

I don’t think we can filter by product type. Only these options seem to be available. 

Like you’ve mentioned, it would be a good feature to have. Let me tag @KristenGastaldo, our Community Lead here. 


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Hey @Adam Bereda  - This is actually an idea we have the platform, as I’d like to do the same thing. I’ll update the community should they implement this in some out of the box functionality. Currently, your options are:

1 - Use the Unanswered Link in the Navigation

2 - Use the Help Others Tab


but neither of these let you sort by product area. And they include all topics that do not have a “best answer” but may very well be answered, or at least responded to.

I’ve tried to set up a workaround to get topics that need a reply/answer by adding a “zero” tag. You can see the full list here. This opens in the search page, so you can filter by category (assets, finance, etc) and/or use the tags to try to narrow down the product (apps10, etc):

*Just for info - I add and remove that zero tag manually, so the list can sometimes have a couple that have an answer, as I have yet to wake up and remove the tag ;)