CRM Panel - Is it possible to automatically reverse the name format when creating a new customer contact via the panel

  • 20 November 2023
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  1. Currently, when an email is received, the format of the contact's name is as shown in the screenshot below -
    The original format in the received email, as seen in the above screenshot, is lastname,firstname.
  2. Panel creates the contact in the same name format -

    Is it possible for the name to be automatically formatted as FirstName.LastName in the panel without requiring the user to manually edit the first/last names in the panel?
    So that when they create a customer contact via the panel, the name format is correct.

Best answer by Marcel.Ausan 21 November 2023, 11:14

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3 replies

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@Priyanka.Massey unfortunately this is not possible via setup. The only things you can change via setup are the ones in CRM/SRM Panel settings.

However, if needed I guess you can create an event whenever a new lead/contact is created you could have a custom event that could change the Name as required.



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@Marcel.Ausan Thank you for the input and suggestion about building a custom event. Was wondering if you have such a logic already in place and can share the details with us, if possible :)  

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@Priyanka.Massey I’ve examples of lots of events, but none related to Contacts or Leads 😟. Anyways, shouldn’t be very difficult for your IT dept to set something up.