Are you interested in helping us to improve on our User Education material offering?

  • 24 November 2021
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Calling all IFS Customers and Partners:

Within IFS RnD we are reviewing our User Education material offering with the goal of improving on usability and align it more to your needs. Therefor we would like to give you the opportunity to let us know what areas you feel we should improve upon and how you feel we should do this.

If you are interested in letting us hear your voice and helping us improving on this, please send an email to: Linda Smit and mention “User Education” in the title.

Thanks in advance for responding,

Linda Smit,

Principle User Education Specialist, Product Experience
IFS Research and Development

1 reply

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We’ve already done a few calls to hear your insights and understand your needs but we’re keen to hear from more. Please contact Linda via the details above if you’d like to participate.