The server transaction has expired. Please redo your changes

  • 6 January 2022
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With every invoice that has to be released in IFS in Posting Proposals, this error message always appears.  What causes this message and how can it be avoided?  




6 replies

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Hi Brantmb,

I have noted on a similar community question posted in HCM. You can refer the given replies to understand more on the error.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.


Best regards,

Shamalaka Perera

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Hello Shamalaka, 

I saw the previous post.  Since we don’t connect to IFS with SSO,  I didn’t think the response was applicable to our situation. 




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Hello, I also have same issue. Any reason/solution?

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Hello Thakshila, 

No.  Unfortunately we don’t have a resolution.  We don’t use ADFS to log into IFS.  I may have to open a support case with IFS.  

Best regards. 




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Hello Mark ,


Kindly keep me posted with the solution from IFS.


Thanks in Advance!



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Hello Mark,


We experienced this error message in IFS 10 Upd 8 + 13 due to a customization of history log.

The customization was a union view from history_log_tab with history_log_archive_tab. History_log_archive_tab was part of an Archive-database, with a DB-Link to the main database.


After removal of this DB-Link, this error message was gone with very view exceptions. So there might be other things causing this issue.


maybe this gives a hint.


best regards