Tax Reports Issues - Report Preview Empty/Blank during New Tax Proposal


Hello community,

I’m trying to print Tax Reports following some steps from IFS Italian Localization guide. Nothing should be different for this flow beetwen Italy and other localizations.

I defined Tax Reports, I connected tax books to tax reports; actually I have 3 books for purchasing and one for sale, for this reason I also created Tax Summarized Report.

At the moment of New Tax Proposal, after the Preliminary Printing, the report preview is empty (same thing also with the Definitive Report printing.


No error messages are generated during the process.

For sure, a lot of Invoices (sales and purchase) have been created in the environment.


Can someone help me?
Do you know the cause of the problem?
Am I missing any information in the BDR setup?


Thank you


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Did you find a solution ? If yes I would be very grateful if you could share it ?





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Hi, I’ll try and list what I have seen as the most common reasons. 

The first is that the tax report includes selections (options) that do not match the data. For example the tax report may only include tax code X where your data has tax code Y.  The tax report for testing can be established with minimal selection to ensure you get some data selected.  As a note, IFS will also ignore tax transactions that had previously been reported (typically). 

Another common misstep would be to skip the Fetch Process. Only tax transactions that have been “fetched” can be included in a tax proposal. The fetch is a process available from the IFS navigator. 

I believe the other common misstep is that when running a tax proposal - the default is to run the proposal for the previous period.   For example, assume 100 records in tax transactions for June (recent testing) - when we run the proposal by default, we run this for May. No unreported records may exist for May as we just started testing. 

At a suggestion, review the tax report make sure to remove any selections that were added.   Then test again by making sure the tax proposal is selecting data that is in tax transactions where the transaction have been fetched and not previously reported.  Then if that does not work, add the tax codes to the tax report selections.  Also note that any given tax report may look for all tax or only purchases or only customer side tax.   Also, when running the tax proposal, see the details before continuing any other steps.  

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Hi @Thomas Peterson,

I am facing this issue and I have check all the steps you specified.

It may be something with the Italian Localization, as I am facing this on a Company using it?

Thank you!