Sending Customer invoices - Instant/Manual

  • 4 November 2020
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Trying to set up the automation and facility to directly e-mail any manual/instant invoice we create.


We have an e-mail event set up, but cannot get customer e-mail to pull through, which field should this be entered on to populate?


Another way I had tried was setting up e-invoice in supplier card, the IFS Help section advises I can change the address after saving to an internet e-mail address, but I get an error when trying to change/save this?

28 replies

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We are in 10





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&PDF_PARAMETER_1 needs to be entered in to the ‘TO’ field of the Event Action. Then only the customer contact’s email address would be automatically pulled through to the email event.

As others have advised, please ensure that you have setup a customer contact with an email address and connected him/her to an address ID where the ‘Document’ address type checkbox is selected. If the issue still persists, it is better to log a case to IFS SUPPORT for further investigations.

Also, it is worth checking whether emails for customer order invoices are triggered properly for the same customer.

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You are not allowed to modify the address of an already added line.
In order to set it up again, you need to delete the entire line and add a new line with the new address.