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  • 17 November 2021
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Dear All,


Is there a possibilty to send a reminder to a customer about an unpaid invoice that didn't exceed the Due date?


For example.

The due date of a customer invoice is 31-12-2021. As reminder we would like to send a remninder at 20-12-2021.

Can something be set-up in IFS with Reminder templates?


Regards Raymond


Best answer by Aneta Kuzora 17 November 2021, 16:03

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5 replies

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Hi @RLGroener 

 yes, this is possible. You need to check the “Invoices Not Due” in the reminder template:

Best Regards,


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Dear Aneta,


Thank you for this answer.


Do I also have to do some thing with the reminder levels?

Or do I only have to setup the tab general?

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  It depends how many remainders you want to send about the unpaid invoices. If you want to send only one reminder, then the Level 0 is enough, but you have to check the box “Invoices Reached  Highest Reminder Level

  If more then you need to define Reminder Levels to set the minimum days to the next reminder 

Min Days to Next Reminder - this is number of days between first/previous and the next reminder.
Example - if  the1st reminder was generated on 7th of May, and the min days is set to 7 days, it means that the second reminder will be sent on 14th of May.

In general, reminders are about invoices with outstanding balances.
However invoices with outstanding balances can be excluded from the proposal and left only invoices which are not due

Best Regards,



Hi Aneta, 


I was also looking into this and haven’t been able to set up the reminders before the due date. Should the proposal need anything in particular for these?


When making the changes to the reminder proposal I am not able to generate it for invoices that are still not due so I would appreciate it if you can help me with the changes that need to be done.  Ideally what I need is to send a reminder 10 days before the invoice is due, when it becomes due to send an additional and then a second.  All 10 days apart with diferent texts.


Thank you very much



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Hi Alejandro,

  As I understand you want to create a reminder proposal for all customers for date 11/23/2021. 

Are there any outstanding invoices in the bunch of invoices that should be included in the proposal?

I assume, that you have checked the box ‘Include in Reminder Invoices Not Due’

The template STD that you are using to create a reminder proposal fetches invoices with default reminder template, usually it is 1

Please check the reminder template on invoices: