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RNI report and RNI Account varience

  • 29 December 2021
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Dear experts,

From June 2021 onwards, there was a difference between the Goods received Not yet invoiced (GRNI) report for the inventory part and the GRNI-Inventory part Account . 


GL Balance


GRNI Report





The reason for this difference was the below voucher. 




Could anyone of you suggest the possible reasons for this issue and the way to resolve it? Thanks in advance. 


Best answer by Rasika Lakmal 29 December 2021, 13:49

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3 replies

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@XitThejaG when you receive a PO receipt, it will credit the M10 posting and until you invoice the receipt, the receipt will appear in the RNI report. Once you create a manual supplier invoice, it will debit the M18 posting and purchase receipt will disappear from the RNI report as the close date is updated in the receipt. In this scenario, M10 + M18 = 0  and it’s the reason why the receipt is not showing in the RNI as there is no balance and closed date is updated. However, if user manually updates the close date in receipt without creating a manual supplier invoice, there won’t be M18 posting creating and M10 value move forward and balance will appear in GL. This is the one of the scenario that can be happened but there can be more.  

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Hi @XitThejaG,

As Rasika mentioned there may be not posted vouchers in the hold table which is relevant to M10 & M18 postings. Additionally I suggest you to check on M14 posting also as it should goes to same account when we are matching GL balances with report. 


Also please check the postings (M189 & M187) relating to PO chargers if your customer update PO chargers in the Purchase order.  Above report not shown details relating to PO chargers. If you have matched PO chargers also to the same account it may cause for difference between GL and report. 

Best Regards



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@Rasika Lakmal  and @Narmada  Thanks a lot for your support.