Reciving PO Lines from the Supplier Invoice

  • 30 September 2019
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We have service providers and services will be ordered by raising a Purchase Orderto the Service provider, But we do not get the service physicaly, instead our engineers will get the service from service stations and invoice will be issued at the time of delivering the service. Then our engineers submit the invoice to the Accounts department and get the claim in cash.

We have a need to match the invoice at the time of claim is submitted to the Accounts section rather than going to Purchasing department and receiving the Purchase order and then matching the invoice in Accounts devision.

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1 reply

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We have a functionality introduced to match the invoice in the posting proposal window itself without receiving the PO seperatly.

Conditions need to be fullfilled,
- PO should be in RELEASED or CONFIRMED state.
- Supplier invoice can be any status but not Finally posted (PostedAuth).

- First enter the Supplier invoice with the PO number
- Go to the invoice line before saving the invoice/RMB/ ‘Copy Unreceived PO Lines’
- Make changes accordingly
- Save
- Go to Poting Proposl/Select the Posting line/RMB/RECEIVE

At this stage you will receive PO line and Postings will be created.