Payment Advice for Supplier Emails correctly but also Prints

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We have our Supplier setup on the Payment tab for Payment Advice – At Create Order, set the AP Supplier Contact for an Email Comm Method and Output Media as Email.

We setup the Event to trigger for PDF_REPORT_CREATED to trigger on UNIFORM_PAYMENT_ADVICE_REP.  We set the Attach Files to PDF_FILE.

Created a Manual Supplier Invoice, Created a Payment Proposal for the Supplier, Acknowledge, Create Payment Order, process.  I receive the email with the attached PDF Remit Advice but for some reason, it also prints the PDF to the default printer set on the IFS Server that is running the Print Agent.


AP was ok with the document printing as long as we could set it to print to their printer which is setup. We added the UNIFORM_PAYMENT_ADVICE_REP to the Printer Definitions/Report Printer to Default to the AP printer but it still just printed to the Print Agent default printer.  We tried a number of defaults in the Printer Definitions but nothing affected that it always prints.  We are on Apps 10 Update 13 and are working on moving to Update 20 but this behaves the same with both versions of Apps 10.  Has anyone had a similar experience with this process?


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