partial payment rollback previously closed year

  • 8 April 2024
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Hi,  I am currently trying to create a “partial customer payment rollback” as need to credit original advance invoice and generate a new advanced invoice against a new customer order to match this payment too.

Unfortunately, the payment was received in the previous year which has been closed and audited.

I have unmatched the transactions in the “automatic transaction matching” screen, but when I attempt the “partial rollback” it tells me that this cannot be completed as that period / year is not open.

I am concerned that if I open the period for the previous year then this will amend the previous years figures.  

Can you please advise?

Thank you.

7 replies

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Do not you have an option to change voucher date at partial rollback?

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Hi Adam,  I believe there is this option, but it will not let me proceed that far without opening the closed period.

It does not let me click on the options to rollback


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As per my understanding, Rollback option is greyed when transaction is matched in bank reconciliation. 
Once unmatched, option is available and shows transaction to rollback selection window, with rollback voucher date in header. And only from there you can get “Period closed” error message - if you NOT change the date (default is original payment voucher date)


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Thank you Adam, that makes sense - just want to make sure that this will not alter the bank - especially as it relates to a previous year.

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Partial rollback of payment does not touch bank account - and bank reconciliation  in fact - it only converts payment for an invoice to a parked payment.

In your case, in rollback window you should select both advance invoice and CUPIA (payment in advance) item created as result of payment of customer advance invoice.

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Hi Adam, Hope you are well.with reference to our previous conversation. can you please assist with the below?

I have completed all in TEST environment, but there is now a difference between the customer analysis in both LIVE and TEST.

I need to start this process again but need to reverse the partial rollbacks that I have completed so that I am back at the beginning.

Can you please confirm how I reverse “partial customer payment rollbacks”?

Thank you,


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I am afraid you simmply cannot reverse reversals. Rollback is irreversible.

You can close invoices you have open and parked payments you have created by new customer offset.