ORA-20105: Invoice.ACCERROR1: Error (Project Activity ID must have a value for Project 4324 for posting type IP2) occurred while booking Invoice

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The Invoice has error out.  We have run the Pre-Post to assign the Project ID information but we still cannot post invoice and it remains in Posting Error.

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Hi Terry,


Please check the relevant order, if all the order lines are connected to the porject.


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You said you have run the Pre-Post to assign the Project ID information, but was it project id only or project id and activity seq?

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To answer the questions.


The Customer Order only has one line, and it is considered Invoiced/Closed.

The line Reference tab is showing that the Project ID is blank.


And the Defense tab is showing blank project information

Order history shows the preposting has been added.


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OK, You have added preposting to customer order after invoice has been printed. I am sorry, but it is too late… 

To post invoice successfully, system requires preposting on the invoice. Any change in the order after invocie is created is not applicable to this invoice - in this case invoice preposting must be updated independently. But I am not sure if it is possible after invoice has been printed...Perhaps invoice must be credited and created once again. 

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Unfortunately, because it hasn’t been posted we cannot do a credit to this invoice.


Any other ideas to try?

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I am not sure if invoice preposting can be modified directly on customer order invoice from front-end (to add project activity, as the projet is there,.as per error message: “Project Activity ID must have a value for Project 4324 for posting type IP2”. 

If not - back-end data repair would be the best option.

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I have tried from the front-end and it will not update.


Is there any issues doing it from the back-end?


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Typically, you would use the option on a customer order to connect the order line to a project. That then adds the project and activity sequence.   But your past that point.   I believe you can remove the pre-posting for the project and rerun the invoice (process the invoice).   You would then need to manually move the revenue / postings from normal sales to project related sales via a manual voucher.   

In other words, allow the invoice to post without the project, then reclass the postings back to the project via a manual voucher. 

Best regards, 

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Hi, Terry,
I think you have two options:

  • add project activity sequence to invoice header preposting (from the back-end) and reprocess the invoice
  • modify the IP2 posting control to not use project in the posting (it might require to change account requirements), reprocess invoice, credit it and process, and then restore original IP2 settings and recreate invoice once again, this time with project and activity fetched  from the order

@Thomas Peterson , we are talking here about IP2 - customer account, not revenue...

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We had a similar issue and we have fixed it by removing an unwanted value that got filled in the code string completion of a specific code part values.  You may try exploring the code part values and code string completion.