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Lobby - navigation to company sensitive page

  • 22 April 2021
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In IFS10 (EE) I would like to prepare Navigation from List Lobby element to the page which is company sensitive. Of course I can do this using Lobby parameter like this:

But I would open destination page using company visible in lobby element (not parameter):


Is that somehow possible?

Thank you in advance!


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Best answer by Nalaka Samarasinghe 22 April 2021, 14:13

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Try removing the:


From the URL Address.

If that doesn’t work then it may not be possible as I don’t t think you can pass column values to the URL address...

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Thank you for comment, but in that case system is opening page with default company

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Modify your URL Address with lobby element id as below (This is a CORE example which works fine)

(URL in the screenshot: ifsapf:frmAbs?LOBBYELEMENT=AbsenceLimitsDaysList&COMPANY=$COMPANY_ID$)





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But what should be a value of this LOBBYELEMENT? I think it still will take company parameter from lobby page (not from the value of the lobby element column)

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 Value of that should depend on your element name...


This is the CORE element in the lobby:

When clicked on the 1st line, it navigates to company 10 Absence page:

When clicked on the 3rd line, it navigates to company ACH Absence page.

So the URL format is working.


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Ok, thank you, but do you know what should be a value behind LOBBYELEMENT= ?


In standard this is AbsenceLimitsDaysList but it's doesn't seem like name of lobby element...

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I looked deeper into this, unfortunately the id “AbsenceLimitsDaysList” turned out to be a specific parameter used only for the absence window and its code. So we cannot use such similar tags to the posting proposal window.

However found another post that shows the usage of “page id” for the navigation: 

This could be what you are looking for...


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Thank you very much, that helped a lot.