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Please see my attached files. I want to be able to filter >= &invoicefrom from my report. Settlement Period From is invoice date. Sample, 05.02.2024 from db format is date, month, year from value list. In Filter Criteria, when I set invoice =& invoicefrom   (like 05.02.2024) is returns data as expected. However, if I set to >=&invoicefrom (like 05.02.2024) it returns the whole data, which I don’t need. How can this issue be corrected? Eventually, I want to set my report like   invoice >=& invoicefrom  and  invoice <=& invoiceto. Thank you in advance.

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@jgrace  I can’t see any of the 3 attachments that you have added. Anyways, for date filtering I think you could use the between operator. It should do what you need.


Additionally I think you could use the Advanced tab and write the below filter condition which should also do the trick.

invoice between &invoicefrom  and  &invoiceto
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Hi Marcel, This is Germany date. Do I need to convert date? How can this be in Advanced tab? Please see my image.  I want to pass values from user input (parameters) like invoiceFrom and invoiceTo