GL Automatic Posting Rules: Code Part Value After Posting

  • 26 May 2023
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Hello there,

We are using IFS Cloud. I am trying to use GL Automatic Posting Rules to post certain revenues (original GL coding will come in via manual customer invoice; voucher F) into other accounts based on a certain percentage.  I have set up the "original code string" tab as below. I have allowed the project code part to be "%" to allow any value. 

When setting up on "Automatic Posting Rows" tab, the below error message popped up. The project code part is not the budget/planning code part and it is in the valid time interval. 

In this scenario, my intention is to retain the same project code part value from the original posting. The project code part value may vary in the original posting, which makes it impossible for me to set it to a specific value.

Can you please help? I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance you could provide on this. Thank you!



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3 replies

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Hi @itsrubym 

Use asterisk ( * ) on Automatic Posting Rows tab for Project code part. 

See example below



Hope this helps

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@gumabs Thank you!! It worked

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@itsrubym I am glad that your issue is resolved. Mark my message as answer so that other community members can get benefit from solution