French accountancy vs English accountancy

  • 24 March 2020
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We are looking to set up stock items in Apps9 in France. We are having some difficulties as the posting controls follow the English model instead of the French one.

For example, when we make a purchase of stock items, in English accountancy:

Arrival    D Stock item (Account 3xxx)         C Invoice Not yet received (Account 408)

in French accountancy:

Arrival    D Stock item (Account 3xxx)         C Charge (Account 603)

                D Purchase (Account 601)             C Invoice Not yet received (Account 408)

In France, we don’t wait for the consumption of stock to become a charge.

Has anyone overcome this problem? Is there a French localization available?

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3 replies

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This was requireed for Globeleq whom have many companies in Africa that follow OHADA Accounting standards which are closely aligned to French accounting standards.


I can’t recall how they overcame this in the end as the implementation was handled by an SI (Bearing Point), but if you reach out to Globeleq via the community I am sure they would be happy to discuss this with you. If not, reach out to Bearing Point, and a person called Nathalie Meldrum.


Good luck

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We are having a french company which I have handled the implementation for, we are using the standard (English) way. To my knowledge there is no localization to this matter, not for app 9 at least. 

We handle the differences in year end by making some rebookings  of balances to show it in the french way in the annual report. 

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Thank you very much for your replies.


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