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  • 23 September 2021
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Can someone help me with following error, trying to use External File Template first time and read some topics in community already

I copied system defined File Type and deleted few columns, nothing else is changed. in General I chose semi colon as separator

my csv file looks like this



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7 replies

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Hi @OrangeCloud,

did you try to query for load id = 39169 in window Accounting Rules/External File/Monitor External Files/External file Transactions to check if  more details regarding error message are available?

If there are no details of error, you can try to run Debug Console and once again try to load external file. Maybe on Debug Console you can find the reason of error.

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@OrangeCloud ,

Meantime, while you check the load ID at the External file Transactions window, please try to re-upload using the same data but on Text file and verify whether you get different results.

if you get the same error, you will definitely have to rely on the External file Transactions window for error rectification.

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Thank you @Xavier Fernando @Adam Mazurczak for replying. 
I copied System defined File type for my own and deleted few columns that i didn’t wanted to upload. IFS didn’t like that, when i try to use system defined template and leave unwanted column blank, i get pass this error.
still working on having a successful upload. with system defined template, its asking about several other dates and  formats that i don't have. 
Now question is, if i created my own file type, it comes with only one record type. how can i add the same record types as in the system defined.

like following: i could not delete Record Type ID from my file type FA_Object and couldn’t add H,K..either


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Hi,  as for the unpack error. This is always / almost always due to  “the data does not match the template”    For example assume you copied the standard IFS template. That template has date format of YYYY-MM-DD - unless you changed that format in your copies template this could be the reason for the unpack error.  Your data has date format MM/DD/YYYY  (it would appear)

Like Adam had stated, go into the external file ID, and look at the details.  Search for % in the error text. You do Right Mouse - search in context.  See next image. 

As for a user created external file type, It’s not that easy. As a user we can create a new file type and template from a given view.  The FA loading process has a number of views including the import function.  I’ve seen several people (not SE’s) who attempted that, and they all failed.  

If you send me an email, I can send you an example excel sheet that has the headers and data you can use to create fixed assets.   Typically, I would leave the IFS attributes, but maybe leave the attribute values blank.  Then after it’s working then delete the attributes you don’t want to use.  

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I’m attaching a sample file for loading the FA objects. Hope it helps.  It does not use the IFS template, it uses a copy but as you can see it’s very close to the STD template. 

Your template (copy of standard IFS template) should have the appropriate file separator - comma, and date format MM/DD/YYYY.  I believe our copied template will include the external file template control so IFS should only load the valid data and ignore the headers / blank rows. 


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@Thomas Peterson  thanks for your reply.
I am able to import few test objects into the system. 

Is there a way to import successful template into higher environments? I am looking at moving this custom template i created into 3,4 passes before going Live with it.

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We have no formal “copy file type and template” from environment TEST to PROD. 

This is what I’ve done hundreds of times. 

Assuming you created a new file type or copied an existing template.  - Do this same process in PROD (or the other environment), ideally keep the same name and description - just keeps things clean. 

Then update the tabs so the file separator and date formant is the same. If you created any external file template controls update this as well, 

Finally, - in the file template details, I delete all records in the new PROD, and then use the copy / past object to copy the details from TEST to PROD.  Rather than analyzing to see what’s different in the details between TEST and PROD, if we know test works, I would typically delete the details and copy object from TEST to PROD. 

If you had any formula in TEST you can manually copy these as well.  It’s a few steps, but it only takes a couple minutes.  


Best regards,