Error when try to change account description

  • 11 January 2022
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I am trying to change a GL account 51419 description but had below error message, does anyway know what it means and how to fix it?





2 replies

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This error appears when you have checked the check box ‘ Currency balance’ and trying to save while the Curr Balance below is not set as ‘Blocked’.

Can you kindly check if you’ve ticked ‘currency balance’ in addition to changing the description

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In some cases the existing account list can have what I would call “bad data”.  When you attempt to modify an account record IFS revalidates the entire record at save and the entire record must pass all validations.  A common example in older IFS releases is the archiving option, such the when we change the description and save we get an error regarding the archiving option. 

In your example, its very possible that the given account had “bad” data for the currency balance as noted in the screen print provided by Zuha.  When the description was changed the entire record is tested to ensure it does not have “bad data” and the error was produced.   Regardless if the currency balance was changed during edit or not, the bad data is tested at save and you can’t save that record as is. 

Review the currency balance settings on the account.  I’ll show print screens. 

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